Ohio's PreK-12 Open Space

About Open Space

Open Space is Ohio's premier OER creation and collaboration space for Ohio PreK-12 educators. Open Space empowers PreK-12 educators to create and share open educational resources that promote innovative and collaborative learning.

Licensed and supported by INFOhio, Open Space was built on the OER Commons infrastructure and features all the authoring and collaboration tools found on OER Commons, ISKME's digital library and collaboration platform. While hosted and indexed on the OER Commons platform, Open Space has been designed to meet the unique needs of Ohio's PreK-12 educators.

Open Space Advisory Council

INFOhio's Open Space Advisory Council has been instrumental in providing advisory support for INFOhio Open Space. Learn more about the Advisory Council here.

Join Open Space

All Ohio PreK-12 educators are welcome in Open Space! Before joining Open Space, please read these Open Space procedures:

To learn more about getting started with Open Space, watch this brief INFOhio video tutorial.

Requirements for Publishing to Open Space

INFOhio developed Open Space to provide Ohio's PreK-12 educators with a platform to collaborate, create, and share high-quality teaching and learning resources. All submissions to Open Space must meet the Open Space Minimum Requirements for quality and accessibility. Please read the rubric before submitting content for publication in Open Space. You may find it helpful to use the Open Space Submission Form to track your submission progress.

High-quality, standards-aligned content that has been published to Open Space and that meets all additional requirements may be recommended for inclusion in Educator Tools. To recommend an Open Space item for inclusion in Educator Tools, click here.

Open Space Training & News

March 21, 3:30p: Learn With INFOhio Webinar

Additional training opportunities will be posted here as they are available.

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